The scriptural vision of God’s kingdom is the foundation of our hope. As God’s people, we’re waiting for the fulfillment of God’s promise to redeem the world and bring the kingdom to this place. Throughout the Scriptures, we are reminded to watch for the coming Day of the Lord — a day when evil itself will be judged, and life will be vindicated and established forever.

But even as we wait for the coming redemption of the world, we share the incredible good news (gospel) that God’s kingdom has come to this place, seen best in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He is the firstborn of God’s new creation. The same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead now lives and moves in us, healing our hearts and relationships, and making it possible for us to live for the blessing of the world.

As the Church today, our mission is to make God’s kingdom visible on earth, living a gospel of radical love, justice, and community for all people. This is the embodied gospel — profoundly good news for our lives, families, communities, and world.


The Kingdom & The Gospel is an original creative endeavour that represents our response to this profound good news.

A big-picture dream, The Kingdom & The Gospel is a project of the Worship Arts Ensemble at Seattle Pacific University. Student initiated and led--under the authority of The Office of University Ministries and The Center for Worship at Seattle Pacific University-- more than 60 students will join University staff and faculty to produce a concert of original music and lyrics to be recorded and distributed.

The album and accompanying materials will be available for distribution beginning April 2009.

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ThePress Release


SEATTLE, Washington -- January 8, 2009 --- The Worship Arts Ensemble at Seattle Pacific University announced today an original artistic endeavour titled The Kingdom & The Gospel. The title of the project reflects this year’s larger guiding vision within SPU’s Office of University Ministries and The Center For Worship.

The Kingdom & The Gospel represents an unprecedented collaborative effort between The Center For Worship (CFW) and the Department of Music at SPU to extend the ministry of the University and its students beyond campus borders. The project consists of a live-event concert, recorded at Seattle’s Triple Door Theatre and the resulting album. The Kingdom & The Gospel will be available in the first week of April 2009 and will be distributed by both The CFW and the Department of Music. The initial release of the recording will include lead sheets, rhythm charts and lyrics for each of the compositions.

The Kingdom & The Gospel developed from within the classroom of Dr. Stephen Newby’s MUS 4340 Chamber Ensemble: Worship Band. The year-long class, comprised entirely of members of The Worship Arts Ensemble, is one of several course offerings from the Department of Music at SPU in the field of Worship Arts. “The marriage of classroom theory and real-world practice that this project represents is foundational to the Department of Music’s growing programs in Worship Arts” Newby noted. “Projects like this,” he continued, “are what set Seattle Pacific University apart.”

Nate Berends, '09, Worship Arts Ensemble Program Coordinator, emphasized the significance of this landmark project. “From when we first began dreaming about what the Worship Arts Ensemble could be, we knew that a very big part of this year would be to think big--and this project is a result of that big thinking.” When the dream behind the project developed, the idea was to create a simple recording, produced entirely within the University. Since then, through many subsequent meetings and continued brainstorming, the project has developed a life of its own. “That’s a lot like the kingdom,” Berends joked, “once you think you’ve got a pretty good idea of what it is, you realize suddenly that it’s even bigger than you had ever imagined.”

The Worship Arts Ensemble is being joined in this production by Los Angeles-based music producer Phil Kristianson. Kristianson is the CFW Artist in Residence for the 2008/09 academic year and has been working with members of the WAE since the beginning of Autumn quarter. Kristianson brings decades of experience in the music industry to the Worship Arts Ensemble and will act as the project’s Producer. SPU’s Director of University Ministries & The Center For Worship, Dr. Stephen Newby, and University President, Dr. Phil Eaton, will both assume the role of Executive Producer. The Triple Door concert will be produced by ASSP Vice President of Ministries, Heather Fink, alongside WAE Program Coordinator Nate Berends and SPU Adjunct Faculty Bobby Jacky.

The Kingdom & The Gospel showcase will occur at 7pm, February 8, 2009 at Seattle’s Triple Door Theatre. Doors will open for dinner at 5pm. Pre-sale tickets will be available for $20 from The Triple Door Box Office (206-838-4333). The Associated Students of Seattle Pacific (ASSP) will be making a limited number of tickets available to SPU students at a discounted rate of $15. Admittance is limited to 300 persons and producers expect the event to sell out quickly.

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About the Worship Arts Ensemble
The Worship Arts Ensemble (WAE) is a multi-disciplinary ministry organization at Seattle Pacific University. Comprised of about 30 students and three staff & faculty advisers, the Worship Arts Ensemble exists to unify through the Spirit a community that magnifies the glory of God in Jesus Christ. In addition to designing and leading Tuesday morning Chapel services on campus, the WAE routinely sponsors SPU Nights of Worship, EXHALE Nights of Art and Worship, and forums and showcases both on and off of the campus of Seattle Pacific University. The Worship Arts Ensemble exists under the authority of the Seattle Pacific University Office of University Ministries, The Center for Worship, The Department of Music and The Associated Students of Seattle Pacific.

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