Nate Berends
Coordinating Producer

Field of Study
Education & Theology '09

Nate joined the Seattle Pacific University community in 2007 as a transfer student from Emerson College, Boston, Massachusetts, where he earned a Student EMMY Award and six Associated Press Awards in his pursuit of a degree in Television Production and Marketing. In his two years at Seattle Pacific University, Nate has been an active member of the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific, The Fronesis Society, and now joins the Worship Arts Ensemble for a second year, this year assuming the role of Program Coordinator. In addition to his work with The Worship Arts Ensemble, Nate spends his remaining time divided evenly between media production and the study of any musical instrument he can afford to get his hands on. Nate’s future plans remain unclear as he now has a Plan B, a Plan C, a Plan D, and a Plan E. No Plan A is currently discernible, but Nate is confident that God will open and close the right doors at the right times.

Ryan Clodfelter
Author: "I Have Calmed & Quieted My Soul"

Field of Study
Music Composition '09

Ryan plans on continuing to write music while traveling around the world. Eventually he sees himself becoming a pastor and/or a professor.

Notes About
i have calmed and quieted my soul

At the outset I would like to thank Sean Conlin for laying a lyrical foundation for this song. There are a number of others that helped me edit minor things, and their input was much appreciated! This song is based on the text from Psalm 131, a simple three verse psalm which reads:

“O LORD, my heart is not proud;
my eyes are not haughty;
I do not concern myself with things
too great and too marvelous for me.
But I have calmed and quieted my soul,
like a weaned child on its mother;
like a weaned child is my soul within me.
O Israel, hope in the Lord
from this time forth and forevermore.”

This psalm was penned and lived out some 3,000 years ago by King David, and was ultimately fulfilled perfectly by Jesus Christ, who for our sake came to live like one of us being tempted in every way as we are without sinning, and living perfectly with a calmed and quieted soul.

This psalm has three parts to it: the result, the process, and the reason. The result is a content heart and a peaceful composure. The process is weaning the soul of worldliness. The reason is a hope in Jesus that will continue forever, and that begins now.

Natalie Closner
Author: "Run To Me"

Field of Study
Vocal Performance '09

Natalie’s plans to keep writing and playing - pursuing music. Natalie hopes to move back to Nashville in June, and perhaps go to graduate school someday.

Notes About
Run To Me

We so often spend our days looking for fulfillment from temporary things. We cling to what we think we need: approval from others, financial security, a promising career. But all of these are false lovers. Their sustenance comes and goes until we need something else to keep us filled. We continue on in this way until, in shame, we realize nothing really satisfies. We’ve sought hard after things that only leave us empty.

When I recognized how long I’d neglected him, I thought surely he’d be waiting for me to come crawling back to him in embarrassed remorse. But, like the prodigal son returning home, the father saw him from far off and ran to meet him. God is not one who waits with a bitter “I told you so.” The moment I barely lifted my head toward him, he ran to me. He offered me what I’d searched for everywhere else and hadn’t found.

“What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.” Philippians 3:8

Luke Clum
Author: "Heaven Fall Down"

Field of Study
Theology & Educational Ministry '11

Regarding his future plans Luke said, “The future is broad, wide and unsure, something I’ve never figured out despite my best attempts. Yet as I continue to complete my bachelors in Theology, I am completely reliant on God and his sovereignty. Over the past few years I have felt a strong call to full time ministry and strive to pursue that call on my life to the best of my abilities, wherever it may lead. Ideally, upon graduation, I would love to take some time to travel and eventually work with the church in pursing my love for worship ministry.”

Notes About
Heaven Fall Down

If there is one reality that I have faced as I’ve grown older, it’s that our world is broken. With the loss of innocence, the shock of depravity has rocked my foundations. How can this be? What is all this pain? Why are we here? The book of Ecclesiastes raises these same questions, stating:

“All is vanity. What do people gain from all the toil at which they toil under the sun?”Ecc. 1:3

Within this struggle that we call life, where do we find hope? Reading through Psalms, I have been confronted with the cries of desperation to God. In Psalm 61 David writes:

“Hear my cry, O God; Listen to my prayer. From the end of the earth I call to you; When my heart is faint."

David continues on to reveal God’s faithfulness;

“For you, O God have heard my vows.”

Within our calls for help, the simple beauty is that God does hear. As Christians we are called to abide in hope and to live with expectation of the Second Advent, the Second Coming. Within the brokenness of this world, within all of its death and depravity our ultimate hope lies in the realization that we have not been forsaken. With this mentality, our cry should continually be one of “Kingdom Come,” one that calls for Heaven in its perfection to fall down on us and fulfill this longing in our hearts for something more.

Aaron Davidson
Author: "Fill Me In"

Field of Study
Music '09

Aaron plans to continue writing music as long as God allows him to, hopefully well enough to create music that others enjoy and will pay for so that he can sustain himself and his family. After graduation, in June, he plans on writing, recording, and touring with Matt Goodwin, as the group, Window View.

Notes About
Fill Me In

Fill Me In was written as a prayer in response to God, who has revealed Himself to be in my life. He is the mystery that covers my inequities, engulfs me in His love, and sustains me. The piece speaks to me differently every time I get an opportunity to play it. I hope you can allow the music to speak to you.

Heather Fink
Associate Producer, Showcase

Field of Study
Fashion Design & Music '09

Heather is the Vice President of Ministries for the Associated Students of Seattle Pacific. She leads the ministries as a whole by working directly with the staff of the Seattle Pacific University Ministries, The Center for Worship, and the student leaders. She has interned with the Seattle Theatre Group, and worked on special projects in the music department. Heather plans to pursue a career in artistic directing. She would like to go to graduate school, and plans on looking for ways to be a part of new and creative ideas that help people, and create and nourish community.

Branden Garinger
Drums & Percussion

Field of Study
Cellular & Molecular Biology '11

Branden plans on graduating from SPU with a 3.5 GPA or higher. After that, he plans on going to medical school on a military scholarship. He would like to be either a pediatrician or specialize in orthopedic surgery. Branden said, “I live my life for Gods glory and if his plan for my life is different, great.”

Matt Goodwin
Author: "Taking Over Me" | "Set Him Free" | "Your Great Love"

Field of Study
Philosophy '09

Notes About
Taking Over Me

This song is meant to paint a picture of a person taking a walk. The weather sounds in the beginning are meant to show that it is rainy and thundering. The walk is a metaphorical walk that takes place in my head where I walk to a place of make believe or fantasy. It is a place where I fantasize about the prospect of being in a relationship with someone. It is not a sexual fantasy, but a more dangerous kind, a relational fantasy. It is a walk that is “cold” and “I bundle tightly” to try and stay warm. The chorus has a double meaning that is revealed by the end of the song. At first it is meant to refer to how this “love” or fantasy of relationship is just a dream, but the fragrance is so sweet and I surrender myself completely to it. I finally conclude at the end of the chorus that it is “taking over me”. The second verse is significant in that it clarifies a point about who these dreams are about. As “faces come and faces go”, or in other words, as infatuations come and go for particular people, the “dream” still persists amidst the inconsistency of my interests in actual people. I then make my statement of dissatisfaction that I am ready for the real love to make its “appeal.” The bridge is a coming to terms with the reality of the situation and realizing the truth that God’s love is what I have been really looking for all this time. The narrative continues that God comes in, steals my show, and fills up my heart with a love that has chased my from the start. The double meaning of the chorus is now seen as I reflect on the love of God using the same words. His fragrance is so sweet, His love seems to go to be true, like a dream, I surrender myself to His love, and it is taking over me.

Notes About
Set Him Free

This song is written as a commentary of Luke 23:18-25. This is the part of the Gospel where Jesus is being questioned in front of the religious leaders and crowd of Jews. The song is meant to be written from the perspective of the prisoner Barabbas. It is also a metaphor for the idea that Barabbas represents Humanity and the condition we found ourselves in prior to the death of Jesus. We are, in a sense, the murderer’s and insurrectors, imprisoned for our crimes, awaiting death as the penalty. Then, as the story goes, the crowd demands to release Barabbas and Jesus is crucified in his place. The character of Barabbas is portrayed as one is surprised and a bit confused at how this could happen, and he is found questioning, “What sort of justice here is this? That the judge pays for the crimes that I commit?” The song is also about the broader theme of irony in the cross that the king dies for the slave, and the judge dies for the condemned. It is about the confusing truth of it all and how it can be difficult to understand how something this incredible could actually be true.

Notes About
Your Great Love

This is a song that follows the course of a day I had during rehearsal camp. The first verse has to do with feeling worn out, tired and having a bad attitude about things I was asked to do. The second verse is reflecting on that night when I heard the story’s of some of the folks in unlimited and it really inspired me and I felt a revelation of God through the live’s of my friends. The third verse is a prayer of reflection after considering the events of the entire day and wanting to step off of the roller coaster and trust God all the time. The song revolves around the theme of God’s great love and how it permeates every situation regardless of how I feel.

Karianne Gwinn
Author: "Someday"

Field of Study
Vocal Performance '10

In the future, Karianne hopes to record a CD, get married, have kids, live and love.

Notes About

In October 2007 my friend Ben Hedberg was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. At the age of 18, Ben fought until he could fight no longer. On March 14, 2008 Ben went Home to be with Jesus. Over the course of Ben’s last months on this earth, I had the amazing opportunity to sing for him and for his family. God showed me how I can use music to speak His words to people in pain. In May 2008 I wrote “Someday” for the Hedberg family. I wanted to show the Hedbergs how loved they are and that someday, no matter how distant it may seem, the sun will shine again.

Annie Haight
Violin, Vocals

Field of Study
International Business '09

Annie plans to intern at Boeing this summer, study abroad in China next fall to finish her international business concentration, graduate in December and hopefully find herself a decent job when she returns.

Olivia Hamilton
Upright & Electric Bass, Vocals

Field of Study
Bass Performance '10

Olivia plans to get her masters of performance and play in a top orchestra. She also hopes to play and record jazz and teach.

Chris Hanson
Electric Bass, Vocals

Field of Study
Music '11

Chris is currently studying music, and is undecided as to his specific field. He has many ideas and aspirations of future plans, including seminary and/or law school, but is not quite sure what he will do. “I am very passionate about music. I have been blessed with an amazing family. I love my friends. I hope to eventually tour with my band Sea Fever. I don’t pretend to know what tomorrow holds, but I am excited about what the future has in store for myself and those around me.” Chris said.

Michael Hensley
Author: "The Valley"

Field of Study
Music Composition '10

After he graduates, Michael plan on attending graduate school with the hopes of being a college professor some day.

Notes About
The Valley

We have all had times in our lives where it seems like we are in the deepest of depths and the lowest of lows. There are times when the soul is in so much agony that the only thing you can do is scream to the Lord of the universe to take pity on you. And the cool thing is this: he will do just that. Even in the darkest times of life, God is there for you. In the dry and barren land known as earth, hang onto to the fact that God is there and will watch over you in the times that seem to have no way out.

Danica Humphries
Author: "Sprung" | "Muxe" | "Kingdom Come"

Field of Study
English Literature & European Studies: Linguistics '10

This spring quarter Danica will be traveling to Spain, France, and Germany in the European Studies Program headed by Dr. Baah. Eventually, she plans to work in lexicography (making/editing dictionaries).

Notes About
Spoken Word

The meaning of the words -
A three-part piece about Creation:
   of the spoken word
   of action and reaction
   of physical birth
   of genderless, spiritual awakening and the fulfillment of anticipation.
   The spoken word should be kept, solidified, in a moment of transport. As such, my words are to be marked in time, not revisited on a page.

Rachel Ide

Field of Study
Mathematics '10

Rachel will be graduating in 2010 with a BA in mathematics from SPU. She then plans to go on to get her teaching certification and master’s in education somewhere in the Portland area. Her hope is to eventually be a high school math teacher. She would also love to be a wife and mother someday. Her goal is to love and follow God’s lead when it comes to her future plans.

Bobby Jacky
Technical Producer & Associate Artistic Director

Bobby Jacky serves as Production Assistant in the Center for Worship at Seattle Pacific University working out the technical details for many large campus worship gatherings as well as on the road with the SPU Gospel Choir. A highlight of his work last year was serving in Nashville where Stephen Michael Newby led worship at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention. In addition to working at SPU, he has worked for FreshMadeMedia, a Seattle-based company specializing in music production, sound-design, and film editing as well as for Event Experience, a full service event production company who serves many of Seattle’s largest companies. This year is Bobby’s 6th year as an adjunct faculty member in SPU’s Music Department directing Unlimited, a 10-member touring ensemble that also constitutes part of the Worship Arts Ensemble this evening.

Heather Juul
Administrative Assistant, Design Staff

Field of Study
History & Theology '09

Heather Plans on retiring to the mountains for a well deserved Sabbath before attending graduate school for Theology. She would either love to become an author or professor and aspires to one day get her Ph.D. in Theology.

Phil Kristianson
Music Producer

Phil is a producer, arranger, songwriter and keyboard player. He has recorded and toured with various Christian artists including The Archers, Andrae Crouch, Jessy Dixon and Amy Grant. Phil has worked extensively with both Billy and Franklin Grahram in their national and international Crusades. He directed the worship teams for the Promise Keepers men’s events as well being the Music Director for Maranatha! Music for over 12 years. He currently is the musical director for the television program “Morris Cerullo Helpline” and lives in Southern California with his wife Kristin.

Katie Litzenberg
Arranger: "It Is Well"

Field of Study
Language Arts & Elemntary Education '10

Katie wants to be a fourth grade elementary school teacher and be called Ms. Litz. She wants to be the kind of teacher that kids remember and say, “Oh man…I learned how to do that [insert anything profoundly intelligent sounding] when I was in 4th grade with Ms. Litz. Now SHE was a cool teacher.” She plans on traveling. She plans on always having music be a significant part of her life. She plans on never losing the ability to make people laugh.

Notes About
It Is Well

“It Is Well” is one of the most humbling, challenging, and encouraging pieces of music I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. This hymn has been near and dear to my heart, as well as the hearts of some of my closest friends, for a few years now. The original author, Horatio Spafford, wrote the words after losing his home and much of his wealth in The Great Chicago Fire, as well as all four of his daughters in a tragic shipwreck off the coast of England. The words are simple, but profound. They say, “God, I’m giving up control. I don’t know why things are the way they are sometimes, but I know that you are God, and one day, in your presence, my faith will be made sight. Motivated by the powerful text and inspiring background story, I chose to change the melody of “It Is Well” to reflect a struggle. For me, the original arrangement never conveyed that struggle: the tension between living in the reality of a broken world, yet looking to God for hope and redemption. But while I did change the piece in many ways, I wanted to keep the integrity of the congregational echo in the chorus. Ultimately, “It Is Well” is a hymn that belongs to the people. Throughout the rehearsal process, as my dear friends and fellow musicians have joined me in singing “It is well with my soul,” I’ve never failed to get chills. To God be the glory.

Kelsey Lockhart
Author: "Inconvenience"

Field of Study
Vocal Performance '11

Kelsey wants to become a recording and performing artist. She plans to continue writing music and to get involved in as many musical experiences as she can.

Notes About

The message in the song is one that God put on my heart for a while now. I have wanted to put it into a song since the beginning, but never quite felt like it was the right time, until I got the chance to write for the worship arts ensemble class. I put my pen to my paper and got the lyrics written. However, the groove and funkiness of this song was definitely the result of a collaborative effort with the many talented minds of the WAE and myself. As you have fun and enjoy the musicality of this song, I hope the lyrics allow you to take a step back, take another look at the world and examine the ways in which you have prioritized your life.

Sarah Long
Viola, Vocals

Field of Study
Music & Communications '11

Sarah asks God to surprise her. Sarah fills her time with studying too much, making music, having good conversations, drinking caffeinated beverages, writing and learning to listen to God.

Taylor Neal
Author: "I Am Yours, I Am Claimed"
Co-Author: "Gone"

Field of Study
Theology '11

FUTURE PLANS: Taylor plans to attend a barbeque at Sufjan Stevens’ house.

Notes About
I Am Yours, I Am Claimed

Lately God’s blessing in my life has not come about through any great obedience of mine, but rather through realizing the extent of my malicious disobedience. I wrote this song not because I thought I was worthy of being claimed by God, but because the Lord claimed me when I had nothing to offer. The verses are me realizing my brokenness. The chorus is God’s response and promise to me. The second vocal part in the bridge is the voice of the kingdom calling out to me.

Stephen Newby
Executive Producer & Artistic Director

A worship leader, songwriter, composer and publisher of many different musical styles and traditions, Stephen Newby is director of the Office of University Ministries and the Center for Worship, associate professor of music and director of the Gospel Choir at Seattle Pacific University. He also serves as worship leader for Promise Keepers and Integrity Music, and is the former worship pastor at Antioch Bible Church, where he continues to lead worship periodically. His works have been performed by the Cascade Youth Symphony, Seattle Symphony, Ann Arbor Symphony, Canton Symphony Orchestra, New Haven Symphony, Savannah Symphony, and the New World Theatre Orchestra; and have earned him numerous awards and grants, including the National Endowment of the arts 2005 St. Paul, Minnesota, Continental Harmony Grant; the King County Arts Commission of Washington Grant; The Rackham School Fellowship for Ethno-musicological Research in Dakar, Senegal; and the John Wesley Work III National Composers Award. In 1994, Stephen earned his doctorate in musical arts in composition from the University of Michigan, where he studied with William Albright, Michael Daugherty, George Wilson, Fred Lerdahl, and Pulitzer Prize winners William Bolcom and Leslie Bassett. In July 2007, he released his third gospel, worship, and praise CD, titled “We Have A HOME.”

Hannah Pietila
Design Staff

Field of Study
New Illustration // New Pictures '11

Hannah wants to live in an attic at a grandma’s house in Astoria, WA at some point, and write a children’s book about her. She would like to continue learning at SPU and everywhere she goes. She wants to make lovely things in life. Hannah said, “Really where ever the doors open I will go. And so I try not to plan too much.”

Tyler Scott
Drums & Percussion

Field of Study
Political Science '12

Tyler is planning to graduate with a degree in Political Science, and minors in Music and Theology. After college, he hopes to work with some sort of non-profit organization or ministry, and then eventually get a Masters degree in Education to teach high school history and civics.

Evelyn Shadrach
Piano, Synth, Vocals

Field of Study
Vocal Performance '10

Evy’s goal is to graduate and hopefully, someday, go on to grad-school for music. As long as her future includes being involved with music in some way she will have fulfilled my dreams. “I know God has a plan for my life, and it is my job to trust Him and do my best with the gifts that He has given me.” She said.

Julie Smith
Author: "Gone"

Field of Study
Vocal Performance, Sociology '09

Julie plans on traveling the world, attending Teaching English Abroad School in Prague, continuing to pursue and love music, and eventually attending graduate school for Music Education.

Notes About

“Gone” is about my quick sprint away from God, and His continual willingness to run towards me, and along side me even as I question Him and reject the sacrifice He made. Each verse is written as a call and response; the melody represents my questions to God, and the lyrics that are echoed represent God’s loving reply. In the second verse, our words meet for the first time in the line, “Here take my hands”. This line is a true testament to the Lord meeting us in the middle of weakness. The carnival-like sounding chorus represents the game I play as I run away from God. Like a child, I run with the hope of being found. By the end of the last verse, the running feet slow down, and I sink weakly into the arms of the Father. Listen for the running feet at the beginning and throughout the piece, my feet are at one point joined by another pair, running after me, as He always does. The sun will shine again.

Rachel Smith
Design Staff

Field of Study
Studio Art '11

Rachel hopes to learn to better communicate through the arts, and learn to follow the heart of God wholly and courageously.

Gina Volpe

Field of Study
Journalism '10

This summer Gina plans to intern at Diablo Magazine in the SF Bay Area. Gina is hoping that this will jump start her future career as a magazine journalist. She enjoys swing dancing, knitting, and working with kids.

Andy Zook
Author: "Bring Us Back"

Field of Study
Music Therapy '11

Andy is currently working on graduating from SPU with a BA in Music Therapy in 2011. Once that’s completed, Andy’s hoping to intern with a focus towards working with adolescents and becoming AMTA board certified. At the same time, he's excited about the music he's playing with a new Seattle band called Sea Fever, and would love to tour with them in the future.

Notes About
Bring Us Back

This song is to point out how fallen the world and its people have become. It points out the opportunity and task we have before us to prepare the way for Christ’s return. Verse one represents the Earth in it’s struggling state due to our poor stewardship. Verse two is the people, corrupt and self-seeking. The chorus makes its first entrance saying, “Bring us back” rather than “them.” This is to show how even the writer and Christians as a whole are not exempt from creating the devastation in and around us. The last verse shows Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for us, and how we are called to action, to bring the image that God had in mind for us back to life. The last lines “The poor will build the poor” are an example of how we can go about rebuilding the world. Knowing our own sins, we must strengthen one another with what little we have. Bringing this Christ centered community to all peoples, living out the kingdom shown through the gospel.

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